Enlightenment for Biomechanical Technospirituality

An essay by Vladimir Maryasin. Born in Russia,
I now live in Melbourne, Australia.

I Vladimir Maryasin, reserve all the intellectual rights to this work and the concept of the original idea from which it was created, however I allow anyone and everyone to copy it, post it and share it with anyone else, at any time an any format possible, as much as possible.
Copyright – 20th of January 2015


We all share the same information, we share similar experiences. We all have been told the same lies. Here are three most commonly used theories for our existence:

  1. Creationism – An all powerful supernatural being has created the universe and all in it, in seven days, according to the religious source.
  2. Evolution – Life has evolved over millions of years from a single cell organism, to the present forms, according to science.
  3. Alien Experiments – Extraterrestrial intelligent beings are responsible for our existence, according to popular fiction.

To a person with a regular I.Q. all these explanations are insufficient on every level. They carry minimal proof, undermine our intelligence and often are just absurd. By cross-referencing all the commonly known data and by applying logic, I have discovered that there is another explanation for our existence, more articulated than the former theories.

We all agree that a person consists of two major parts – Body and Mind. The body with all the organs is the ‘Biomecanical’ organism – its the Hardware. The ‘Mind’, including feelings, intelligence and emotions – are the Software components. The world we live in – is the ‘Physical Reality’ Platform environment. There are two types of beings here. The ‘Biomech’, we know them as Humans and the ‘Avatars’ the characters who are controlled by external forces.


The ‘Biomech’ are in the symbiotic interdependent relationship with the ‘Mainframe’, the operating system for the platform, they entirely depend on the constant upgrades and updates from the Mainframe, this gives them a consistent perception of projected ‘Reality’. The ‘Biomech’ receive information via ‘Bioports’ which are mass media outlets installed in their homes and all over the system – T.V., Radio, Internet, Mobile phones and Printed media deliver the programming directly to the ‘Biomech’. Via such information distribution networks ‘Biomech’ are told how to behave, who to breed with, what to wear, what to eat and other basic common functions. The ‘Biomech’ have an illusion of options, however they are preprogrammed to perform specific tasks and functions from pre-birth, for example a ‘Biomech’ who drives a cab is designed for that function and nothing else. The preprogrammed DNA of such a ‘human’ is designed for that function alone. ‘Biomech’ breed, function and die without any consequences, they are genetic inferior with low I.Q. and as a rule they are focused on running some simple program to play they part in the environment. ‘Biomech’ don’t have any talent, imagination or intuition. They are incapable of having any original thoughts or ideas, or making decisions. They just function in a basic manner, oblivious to everything except the simple task that they are set up to perform. ‘Biomech’ do not have a subconscious mind, they are relying on the ‘Mainframe’ 4 directions at all times.


The ‘Avatars’ also have a biomechanical body, but made of superior DNA and possess hi I.Q. They are the most talented, successful and influential people that we know in the world. The subconscious mind – is the conscious mind of the ‘Avatars” real self in the true Reality, controlled from outside of the platform. There is an up to seven seconds delay between subconscious mind of true self and conscious mind of the body that the ‘Avatar’ possesses. That is the communication link. Your real self would make a decision in the subconscious, within seven seconds your conscious mind will accept this as your own idea and act upon it by directing your biomecanical organism to achieve any number of important tasks. The delay is a safety mechanism, so your real self can change his mind in time and re-direct your functions. When the game goes astray, the controller abandons the ‘Avatars’ body, which assimilate into the platform and becomes a ‘Biomech’ or it is discarded and destroyed.

Matter and Stages

The Platform is made up of “Matter” in comparison to the digital technology each particle of Matter equals a digit or a byte. This is an intuitive environment. Matter materialises in any form, as soon as you project your intention, be it an object a person or a situation. This is proven by science in Quantum Mechanics and by religious institutions employing Prayers. Projecting your ‘intentions’ and ‘visualisation’ of the desired object never failed to manifest itself with a positive result.

The time continuum in the game plan is broken into distinct stages. From prehistoric time to the space age. The whole Game spans 10.000 human years. We are now in year 7.528. Each stage has main characters, events, turmoil, wars and adventures. The ‘Avatars’ only play the major characters in the game, the ‘Biomech’ are just part of the environment. When you have multiple players playing the same character, using independent platforms, with infinite intuitive alternative outcomes, hence you have multiple universes. When player chooses to jump from level to level, without sequential order in stages, without time frame continuum, hence you have a time traveller. When you play a great historical figure, in your game plan or your ‘Destiny” you may have to slaughter millions of ‘Biomech’ to win the level, that is the whole point, all greatest characters are mass murderers. In your dreams you get a glimpse into your subconscious memory bank and realise that all the collective experiences of every character you ever played are stored there. Hence, remembering the past ‘Lives’.

This is a dangerous environment we can get killed by anything at any time and it happens a lot. Feeling of dejavue very real as you already have been here and died, now you are having another run. You are made in the image of your creator, in fact you are the exact carbon copy of your true self who is not going to risk being here, that is why you are here to play hard, to die and to be reborn endless multiple times, in many forms, guises and characters spanning the entire Game, that’s why the Players are not scared of death. ‘Biomech’ do not come back into the game, they are regenerated through breeding and mutations. Every stage must have beginning, middle and the end, hence we have “Time”, the game must eventually have an end, “Time” only applies inside the platform, the ‘real’ time in true reality is running at the different tempo, one hundred ‘biomech’ years equals to one day in the ‘real world’ (Book of Enoch). Every time you go to sleep, the game time stops until your true self wants to continue, then it starts again from the moment at which you quit playing last.

‘Avatars’ possess a superior biomechanical body and amazing intellect, as a player you know that you are playing a major character, your ‘Destiny’ is clear in front of you. Sometimes, when you are in the multi-player mode, you will share the grid with other ‘Players’ you will recognise them straight away, they are also superior in every way, just like you. Your environment is limited to the scope of your senses, according to Quantum Physics you are only in one frame at the time. There is no point running the whole universe if you are sitting in your house, its cheaper to give you an illusion of projected reality through your television. The tree does not make a sound in the forest as it falls, as there is no forest unless you stand in the middle of it. The world unveils itself as you approach it. However you never leave the centre of the screen, always in one spot through the whole game. In order to create an illusion of motion you start walking on one spot and environment starts rolling under your feet like you are on the barrel, if you run or use a device to travel faster – the barrel effect speeds up. We are also trapped in the same moment all the ‘time’ as the future and the past are concept notions and the only real and existing moment we have is called ‘Now’ and it is in this only moment and in this spot we function.


I realise that this essay does not explain the true nature of the reality outside of the ‘Physical Reality’ gaming platform. It only provides more questions – what is true reality? Where is it? We can only draw intuitive guesses – the technology of the ‘real’ world exceeds our wildest imagination.